Manufacturing men's underwear in France. What a crazy idea! This is, however, the tremendous challenge taken by Guillaume Guibault in 2011. He bets that with a nice story and beautiful products manifactured in France, it is possible to sell everything. But Le Slip Français is a lot more than just a mere brand of underwear. It is above all a real dynamic movement born from the meeting between expertise, made-in-France and tradition but more importantly modernity, humour and internet. It is a new way to create, to communicate, to interact with one's community and it is a real breath of youth and of enthusiasm resolutely anchored in our times. Le Slip Français is the proof that it is possible to produce, sell and create an entrepreneurial adventure as ambitious as it is sympathetic, entirely in France, both innovative and creative using the best tools of our age. Thanks to Le Slip, the worlds of tradition and modernity move forward together.   


Why is Le Slip Français supporting le Noël de la French Tech ?

Le Slip Français is happy to become a sponsor of Le Noël de la French Tech in order to support the beautiful adventure of French entrepreneurship. "It is a pleasure to give young entrepreneurs a helping hand and to help them make the France brand shine all over the world."