Following a brilliant carreer in roller with three world champion medals and one jump from the Eiffel Tower, Taig imagined his new challenge in his hospital ben after an accident. This time, his future will be about entrepreneurship. Within a few days, the first ideas were ready, the first phone calls had been made and the adventure could start. Onoff is born ! "It was time for me to think about conversion" Taïg Khris tells. "The injuries are still there but the body is not eternal" he explains. "I had to think about conversion and I decided to create a company" 


Why is Taïg Khris supporting le Noël de la French Tech ?

« Above all, fostering le Noël de la French Tech means fostering the fantastic french startups ecosystem ! France is lucky to have such an innovaitve community of inventors, creators, engineers and as a result products and services that benefit us all in our everyday life. Therefore, it is very important for me to show my support and my engagement in this ecosystem, that deserves maximum of visibilty !  Le Noël de la French Tech is a very good way to enhance these products and to give a beautiful visibility to this French ecosystems."